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Welcome to Good Lies Golf!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

We've created an all-in-one media & podcast platform that allows golfers to digest weekly tournament predictions, recaps, DraftKings lineups, course/product reviews and more! Zach Grossman, Ryan Sherman, and Brendan Lawson bring you #GoodLiesGolf!

Welcome to our new website and blog! We will update this with all things Good Lies Golf. Enjoy Editorials from all of our large network of golf contributors.

"We needed a golf podcast that explains the little things at all handicaps. We cover details in all levels of play whether you are a leisure, amateur or professional caliber golfer. Using our shared years of knowledge and passion for the game, we give you the hottest takes while backing it up with stats. -- Ryan Sherman

All of our logos and design were done by Zakk Waleko. He is a graphic designer/illustrator based out of Washington, DC.


We are currently building out our merchandise store which will be available this Fall. Our podcast is on Episode #19 and going strong!We will be holding contests and competitions throughout the year as well. Covering all things golf with a comedic twist, Good Lies Golf will be your new favorite weekly podcast.

Follow us on Instagram @GoodLiesGolfPod and Twitter @GoodLiesGolf

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