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Cam Smith joining LIV Golf?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Is he going to come out hot after this weekend and drop the big news!?

-Written by Ryan Sherman, 8/27/2022, Good Lies Golf

Cameron Smith has been the talk of the golf world the last few weeks. The Tour Championship is going on but all the young golfers of the world can think about is Cam and what he's going to do next. A whisper of a 100+ million dollar offer looms in the distance, and some say he's already gone.

Birthing a future generation of young enthusiastic golfers from the East and beyond, Smith brings a different care-free dynamic to his influence. His competitive nature and aggressive golf game can only be described as magical when you see him in perfect form. Mullet swaying on a breezy Sunday afternoon... razor sharp iron precision... and the knock down putts. One thing is certain that if Cam goes to LIV Golf, this will seriously impact the PGA Tour and its future. If you can convince arguably the youngest most exciting golfer on tour to leave, then who's next? Smith was the golfer we thought wouldn't care about the money and would be more about legacy but is this bigger than the money? Does Cam want to spark the Eastern golf world into the next century?

What will happen to the sleeping giants in the Eastern golf market? (Australia, China, Korea, Japan). Will they start taking their best young golfers to LIV instead of the PGA Tour for chance of a better financial career and promise of success? Will there be another tour started that combines these markets? We won't know for a while but we can certainly say it's something to chat about.

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